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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Packages

Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation, a Dream Come True!

There is a reason sport fisherman and avid anglers alike travel from all around the world to experience an Alaska salmon fishing vacation on the Kenai Peninsula.

From the turquoise colored glacial fed rivers that run rampant with four species of Pacific Alaska Salmon to the lakes filled with both Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout. Some of the largest recorded fish have been caught on the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska Riverview Lodge will help turn your dream Alaska salmon fishing vacation into a reality, just tell us what, where and when you want to fish and we will take care of the planning.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation

Fishing and lodging, the two main components your Alaska salmon fishing vacation is taken care of with Alaska Riverview Lodge. We can assist you in setting up fishing charters with guides that have been highly recommended by previous guests. (You will not pay any additional rates for this service)

Where do you want to fish?

The Kenai River, the Kasilof River, or the Cook Inlet? ...Maybe all three! Simply share with us where and when you want to start and we will match your desires with an experienced guide who specializes in the fishing location of your choice.

What do you want to catch?

Salmon, Trout or Halibut? Again, you just tell us what you want and we will take care of the planning that will transform your dream Alaska salmon fishing vacation into a reality.

Your experienced guide will provide the knowledge and skills to help you land the "Big One" as well as the tools you will need. Of course, if you have a favorite fishing pole or certain bait and tackle that you prefer to use feel free to bring them with you but your guide will provide everything necessary.
 Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge

Want to Create a Lodging / Fishing Package?


You choose which accommodation is for you. We offer options that will accommodate groups or individuals. You can view your lodging options here.


Just let us know what kind of fishing you want to do and what dates and we will make sure your charters are customized to your exact needs and desires.

Once you get your catch of the day and return back to Alaska Riverview you can clean your salmon in the relaxing environment of the outdoors using our fish cleaning table.

For your convenience, we also offer a vacuum sealer*  for loan while you are here for keeping your freshly caught Alaska salmon or Halibut fresh and also a freezer to store your catch.

*Vacuum sealer bags are provided by you at your own expense.

Anglers are encouraged to book early and plan their visit times according to what type of fish they are fishing for.
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge

Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation Add-Ons


Salmon fishing or bear viewing trips to the western side of the Cook Inlet can be added on to any Alaska salmon fishing vacation package rate for an additional charge.

Other Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula

While on your Alaska salmon fishing vacation you may want to take advantage of some of the other Alaska fishing adventures that can be found on the Kenai Peninsula. There are several lakes nearby that provide quiet secluded fishing if you just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you, just ask and we will point you in the right direction.

Another fun activity is Clam Digging. Razor Clams are bountiful along many beaches of the Cook Inlet with Clam Gulch being the most popular for locals and visitors alike. Clam Gulch is only 10 minutes away from Alaska Riverview Lodge. All you need are some rubber boots, a clamming shovel, a bucket and a fishing license. (We do keep some clamming equipment here at the lodge that guests may borrow based on availability.)

The Kenai Peninsula is called by many, "Alaska's Playground" and offers plenty of activities and sightseeing adventures that you can enjoy while not fishing. Yes, you read that correctly and we will probably receive plenty of emails from you avid sportfishers out there for even mentioning the concept of not fishing but we won't tell anyone if you want to entertain the idea and take a peek at the small list of "Other things to do while visiting us" on the fishing vacation planning page.
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge
Fishing packages at Alaska Riverview Lodge